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by Jason Denny
Attending the Prince George’s County Economic Development Corporation’s Networking Power Session Kick-Off on February 15th was a privilege for everybody who was able to attend. George C. Fraser, an award winning networking speaker, spoke about the key networking strategies for growing a business exponentially. This event, which took place at the PGC EDC headquarters in Hyattsville, MD, focused on how to identify the three different types of networks: operational, personal and strategic. The session also included interesting tips for networking success. These included always following up with business cards and removing toxic people from networks.
I was able to learn that networking goes far beyond just meeting people. Networking centers around the relationships made with people. Personal relationships regularly change, however they have the largest impact on the people we become. Operational networks include people who help you accomplish tasks. This can include work colleagues, church acquaintances and team members. The people who often have the least influence directly but have the largest potential, are our strategic network. Our strategic network is comprised of people who are where we want to be. For this reason, our strategic network should be constantly improving as our position in life does.
I can use the information I received from the event to analyze my networks, remove toxic people and establish people who can help me on my path. This will give me a strong social foundation which I can use to grow and build my educational and career goals. I look forward to using these new networking tips and tools to give me an upper hand and advantages over competitors and for to help friends.

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