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By Aixa N. Hernandez
On October 24, 2017, I attended to a meeting organized by The Rockville Economic Development, Inc. (REDI)  annual REDI Resource Meetup (R2M) 2017. It was great event where I had the opportunity to learn about the local economy and meet local business supporters, leaders, and owners. Additionally, I also had the opportunity to obtain significant information for my future business plan. I talked to a business counselor and trainer from the Women’s Business Center, Martha P. Jimenez, who loved my business idea and encouraged me to continue working on it and make an appointment with the business center to start making this business idea into a reality. She also informed me about the assortment of workshops the business center offers, from advanced technology sessions to writing successful business plans meetings. Moreover, I also met a representative of FSC First who talked me about the flexible founding solutions they offer to women-owned businesses.  Similarly, I was informed about the different finance programs and tax credit incentives the Maryland Department of Commerce provides to local entrepreneurs too.
At  R2M 2017, I also got the chance learn more about the city of Rockville, which possesses around 9,500 businesses that employ over 72,500 people and has an average unemployment rate of 3.1%. I was and I am still very amazed about how the city of Rockville supports businesses in different ways. All the information I collected in this event will assist me significantly in the future. It will be the base of my exploration on finding the best options to finance my future business and develop a great successful business plan. I sincerely appreciate all the work Rockville does to help those who want to contribute to the community in innovative ways.

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