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Mystery Flash Fiction

Volunteer Marc blogs about what makes mystery flash fiction work. Over the past few weeks, I’ve really been into flash fiction of all kinds. Sci-fi, comedy, action, horror, etc… I feel flash fiction gives me the full literary experience of…

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New Found Respect

Intern Marc finds his poetry slam judge comfort zone. Last spring I was invited to be a judge of what I would later learn was a poetry contest. Now, I have to admit that I’m not a poetry enthusiast by…

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69 Flavors of Fun

Intern Marc blogs about one of his favorite webzines. About a year ago I went through, arguably, my most intense case of writer’s block to date. Nothing seemed to work. Working on something else, changing my scenery, writing at different…

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Intern Marc reflects on how he learned to write dialogue. One of the great aspects of writing a story to me is dialogue.  This is because there are really no true boundaries when it comes to dialogue.  Don’t get me…

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