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Catching Up

Various members of our staff have been busy with literary projects these past few weeks: Tech Editor J. Howard spent time at the Furious Flower Conference of African-American Poetry at James Madison University.  As their web page explains, former Poet…

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Poetry Editor Katherine Smith tells us that  her second book, Woman Alone on the Mountain, is due out this spring. She was also accepted at the Atlantic Center for the Arts in Florida for May 19-June 8 as part of…

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Slow Down, Write

Technology Editor J. Howard writes about a week spent rediscovering uni-tasking and the written word. Except for the morning and evening communal yelling from howler monkeys in the trees beyond our balcony, our week spent in Costa Rica was relatively…

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Getting Back in Touch

The Potomac Review is rested and refreshed and ready to rock.  We're not kidding about that last part:  we have made some changes at the editorial level, found some new bloggers (to join the already-fantastic current group), and have organized…

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