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Gone Grading

We've drifted into the busy port of Gradepapersland,  where we'll be whisked away to a tower of portfolios guarded by red-ink spewing dragons.  Or maybe we'll be spewing ink.  Regardless of who is doing the spewing, we know this much:…

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More Good News

Several of our talented associate editors have been published this fall: Hananah Zaheer reports that her story, " 'Sparkle, sunshine' is out in the Fall 2014  of Concho River Review,  and [she adds] I also have another story 'Eight o'…

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Poet Marianne Szlyk sends up this good news about her current publishing activities: "Valeri Beers reprinted my poem "Augusta, Maine" at Poetry Pasta; Karen and Gayle O'Brien chose my poem "Memories of Summer Rambles" for Whispers; And, Sandy Benitez of…

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Veterans’ Day: A Poet and Healer

We are proud to commemorate Veterans' Day by featuring Frederick Foote, author and Warrior Poetry Project founder, whose book, Medic Against Bomb: A Doctor's Poetry of War,  is being displayed this week on the NEA's webpage.  Foote, a retired Navy captain and…

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