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PR’s intern, Farrin Seferoglou-Oliver, finishes her semester of exemplary work with us with these reflections:

Recently I have been working on a non-fiction story, however, the personal nature of the story keeps me from typing its literary label. I wonder how many other authors are stuck in the same dilemma.
To all the writers who can relate to this I ask you to take strength from the literary community. Move your hands to the home row and your pens to the top corner of your paper and know that your story must be told. Type out that single heart-wrenching word because only you can share your story.
Perhaps even use a pseudonym to ease your mind. I recently conducted a poll on the Potomac Review’s blog asking our audience if they had ever used a pseudonym. The results were not statistically substantial because of the low response rate but it showed that not many authors have tried this. My suggestion is that this could be a great way to ease author’s minds about revealing personal information linked to their name. Why not give it a try?

Bio: Farrin writes “ I recently graduated from Montgomery College as a member of the Phi Theta Kappa Honors Society. My involvement in the Chickasaw Nation community was a big help thought school providing me with many scholarship opportunities. In my spare time I do freelance work that is mostly graphic design based.”

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