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We are proud to commemorate Veterans’ Day by featuring Frederick Foote, author and Warrior Poetry Project founder, whose book, Medic PRFredFoodMABAgainst Bomb: A Doctor’s Poetry of War,  is being displayed this week on the NEA’s webpage.  Foote, a retired Navy captain and neurologist, has worked with the Institute for Integrative Health and other organizations to promote healing through the arts for veterans.

As he explains on the book’s webpage, ” I also have a second agenda. By putting a human face on our Wounded Warriors, I hope to stimulate my readers to engage our Veterans in arts activities. In the Warrior Poetry Project which I lead, and other programs, we’ve found that art making can have powerful healing effects, particularly in those with brain injury and PTSD.”

Listen to him read and discuss his poetry with Josephine Reed on this NEA podcast.

Foote is also the poetry editor at the Veterans Writing Project’s journal,  O-Dark-Thirty. Purchase Medic Against Bomb at Grayson Books or Amazon.


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