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PR is delighted to have Lanette Cadle, poet, Moon City Press senior editor, and Associate Professor of English at Missouri State University, share some of the work she has done at the Digital Media and Composition Institute (DMAC) at Ohio State University this year.  If anyone is using digital technology to further creative and critical composition, it’s Lanette.  Here’s what she has to say about her work at DMAC this year:

The Digital Media and Composition Institute at Ohio State University describes itself as a “two-week institute on the effective use of digital media in college composition classrooms,” one that lets participants “explore a range of contemporary digital literacy practices—alphabetic, visual, audio, and multimodal.” (quotes from the DMAC site ). This summer institute run by Cynthia L. Selfe and Scott Lloyd DeWitt gives composition teachers and graduate students the opportunity to intensively examine and practice multimodal composition in ways that encourage transferring those experiences to the classroom. As a DMAC participant who teaches composition, poetry and rhet/comp pedagogy for classroom teachers, my experience at DMAC served to enrich and expand my current practices into a deeper appreciation and implementation of 21st century literacies. It also served to highlight for me the similarities rather than the differences between the writing genres I teach. For example, a persuasive video uses heightened poetic tropes in its literal imagery. In the same way, a video or podcast poem uses persuasive constructions usually thought of as rhetorical to mesh image and sound with text.

Below are some examples of Lanette’s project, Concept in 90.


The Essay version:

The Poem:

And Another Poem, “In the Days of Tra-la-ing”

From Just a Blog, a post describing the process that went into the production of each video.


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