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Associate Editor John Wang writes about Juked, the literary magazine which he created and runs online.

I started Juked at the end of 1998, during the dot com bubble, because I was caught up in that rush of enthusiasm for online content. People weren’t reading online regularly yet, back then, and Internet magazines were a novelty. That said, there wasn’t much out there that was any good, and I was frustrated by what I was reading. What better way to address the problem than starting my own magazine? Since then Juked has settled into its own little niche. We publish fiction and poetry regularly, with the occasional piece of non-fiction thrown into the mix. We’re typically seen as a more experimental publication, which strikes me as odd because I love narrative- and character-driven pieces. We do like to have fun, however, and have a soft spot for playful pieces. All in all, I would say Juked offers a pretty eclectic range of writing. We have published newer / up-and-coming writers such as Tao Lin, Emma Straub, Blake Butler, and Kevin Wilson, as well as familiar favorites like Aimee Bender and Ron Carlson. If you have something good, we’d love to read it.

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