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Potomac Review Intern Noelle Royer shares her thoughts about printed magazines in this clever post:

Here’s a question I have: if the internet is cheaper, faster, and better for our rainforests than print is, why do we continue printing? More specifically, why are literary journals still being produced in hard copies rather than converting entirely to digital form? Despite the growing capabilities of digital publishing, our mailboxes (the ones outside, not the ones online) still receive those printed copies of our favorite lit mags. I’ve come up with a few potential reasons why:

  1. Adding new material to your bookshelf is addicting and therapeutic. Like different people find comfort and stability in waking up early, exercising regularly, chopping vegetables for dinner, or smashing the line of ants on the counter, readers and writers find satisfaction in putting new books and lit mags on the shelf for display.
  2. The entire internet might crash one day and then where would we be? Our biggest source of information in the world would  vanish along with all the online journals.
  3. More realistically, the neighborhood might lose power temporarily and that is the perfect time to read some good fiction.
  4. You can’t play that game where you close your eyes, smell the pages, and guess the author if you’re using a Kindle.
  5. Nothing beats turning pages. You can’t call me old-fashioned for suggesting that because I’m not even old enough to order at a bar. It’s not a generational thing. There really is something wonderful about holding a book or magazine in your hands and flipping through it. And how much more satisfying to see your own words published there on the page in your hand!

Maybe you think I’m putting too much thought into this. Or, maybe you’re the type of person who printed this out because you have to hold it in your hand in order to read it. Either way, which type of lit mag do you prefer? And which would you rather be published in?

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