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The Potomac Review is rested and refreshed and ready to rock.  We’re not kidding about that last part:  we have made some changes at the editorial level, found some new bloggers (to join the already-fantastic current group), and have organized our Facebook presence, which means that you’ll only have to visit ONE iteration of PR, not two.

Julie Wakeman-Linn continues as our dynamic editor-in-chief.  Poet Katherine Smith will be our editorial/publication editor, and Robert Giron, writer and Gival Press publisher will be our community outreach editor.  I ( and that would be me,  J. Howard) will be the technology editor, taking over most of the technological duties, running the blog, FB, and Twitter accounts.   Om Rusten continues as our administrative aide,  maintaining the PR webpage.  

In the coming weeks, we’ll be featuring posts from our bloggers, associate editors, contributors and, well,  you.  If you have an idea about writing — the process or the product, contact me, at  We’re open to all sorts of ideas and are willing to work with you to develop your post.  If you create electronic literature, talk to me.  If you are a performance artist, get in touch.  If you have thoughts about the current literary scene, send me an email.

So, with a copy of Potomac Review 53 firmly in my happy hands, I welcome you all to join us in the coming year.

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