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Our Brackish contest winner blogs about her winning entry.  For information about the contest, her winning story, and the runners-up, please see our earlier post.


By: Jill Birdsall


What fun “Mr. Dow’s Story” was to write!  Well into a collection of linked stories, this one started with a man who is always dying.  (Yes, I have known a few right on down from my lovable grandfather.)


Not far into the writing, I recognized the main character as the traveling husband, now older, of Mrs. Dow from a previous story, “Glass Frog.”  And when Mrs. Dow arrived in this story, it was even easier to write, already knowing her and all.


But then, there is always the question of how to end.  For me this is usually the most challenging part.   This time, Potomac Review’s brackish prompt helped me out.  Actually, it was one of those moments when all things align.


Of course, Mr. and Mrs. Dow are mismatched and they are a perfect match, both at the same time.  So, thank you editors of Potomac Review for your prompt, which brought my story to a close same day it was begun!


There are stories that knot up and unfurl slower and with greater difficulty, but it is good to remember there are also those that are just a lot of fun and, sometimes, all it takes is just to dive in.

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