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By: Julie Wakeman-Linn

Ahh, the post conference high lasts about 3 days. At The Gettysburg Review’s conference for Writers, I was surrounded by friends, old and new, amazing mentors. As always, I learned so much. I had the wonderful experience of being Fiction Fellow for Lee K. Abbot’s workshop. The title was more honorary than a work designation, but I was pretty proud of the recognition. I even introduced Lee for his reading of his story “Martians” from his collection, All things All at Once. My own reading from my novel, Chasing the Leopard, was well received (people laughed in the right places.)

Now I will type up my notes so I remember what I learned. I will comb through the workshop’s comments and I will begin again. All those people believe in the writing life and so do I. I started a new story yesterday!

Here’s a photo of my pal, George Dila and the fantastic conference organizer, Kim Dana Kupperman.IMG_20130609_145254_568 (1)

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