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We had a good response to our call for summer bloggers, and we’re excited to welcome on board Nathan Blanchard and Holly Berardi.

Holly returns to us after two years away. As an intern under Julie Wakeman-Linn, Holly became familiar with Potomac Review blogging and knows the Potomac Review community. In addition to a life-long love of reading and writing, she owns a photography/videography business that focuses on portraits and events. Welcome back, Holly!

Nathan is a new recruit to the Potomac Review team. He has a Bachelor of Science from Middle Tennessee State University and currently works at Walter Reed National Military Medical Center. When Nathan’s not reading or writing, he makes music with the Blackberry Blondes.

Also, thank you, Karolina Gajdeczka, for a terrific semester of service.  Karolina completed her internship this spring but will stay on as a volunteer, and she will add to the blogging mix, too. Once you join the Potomac Review team, you’re stuck with us!

Thanks to everyone who expressed an interest in the volunteer positions!

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