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Intern Emily banishes the writing block demons.

Inspiration can strike at the oddest of times. I’ve done my fair share of jotting stories down on napkins at bars or waking in the middle of the night to write a paragraph. Unfortunately, inspiration never seems to occur when you want or need it to. Cue midterms week—with two short stories and two research papers due by the end of the week, I was certainly in need of a lightning bolt of ideas. Nothing came to me.

In hindsight, I should have begun writing sooner. Procrastination is another interesting phenomenon, but that’s for another post. That being said, I tried for days to develop the most perfect ideas. I wrote and wrote but nothing was good enough. I read novels, articles, even my old works in hopes that something would come to me. Sometimes I would simply catch myself at my computer, staring at the flashing cursor set to a blank page. But the funny thing about writers block is that if you wait it out long enough, sometimes it will just go away.

Inspiration struck on Wednesday morning. I wish I could say I was overcome with a brilliant flash of light and the ideas simply overwhelmed me as I struggled to write them out fast enough. But it was during another session of staring at my laptop screen in the school library that I just began to type. I didn’t stop until I had written seven pages. Later, I wrote six more. Within the next 36 hours, I had finished all of my assignments. If there is one thing I can walk away with (apart from simply starting sooner), I would say patience is key. The words will come.

This week I have another two pieces to write. We’ll have to see if lightning can indeed strike twice.

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