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Julie Wakeman-Linn, while on leave and on sabbatical from her duel Montgomery College roles as professor of English and editor of Potomac Review, volunteered as a creative writing instructor at the Bethsaida Secondary School for Orphan girls. The result of her teaching and subsequent editing will be a 48-page book of the stories written by the girls. This book, Their Voices, Their Stories: Fiction by the Bethsaida Girls, will be published in early October 2011 and is financed by a Tanzanian bank as community outreach.

Attendees of the F. Scott Fitzgerald Literary Conference will be the first to see and be able to purchase this book. All proceeds from book sales will go to the school.

Bethsaida Girls’ Secondary School, a home and educational center for more than 130 young women orphans from all across Tanzania. As the outreach arm of the Olof Palme Orphans Education Centre, a Tanzanian non-governmental organization, their mission is to deliver a quality secondary education and provide the necessary psycho-social support for students. They rely on donor support for all their activities.

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