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The Kindle was a gift. It gathered dust. I sat at night, reading from the hand-held itouch, using the Kindle app.  The deciding difference? Utility. The  feature? It’s called “Dark Mode.”

Dark Mode allowed you to read with a black background and white letters, that sort of screen all old websites on geocities used to look like. Except now, it served one purpose:  the perfect reading in the dark.

Every big reader has stories of a flashlight under the covers reading their Nancy Drews or Goosebumps. I can’t imagine being a pre-teen or teen with an itouch.

I imagine the objector would say: but it can’t be good for your eyes! Well how dimly I had the lamp or nightlight while reading in bed (as courtesy to regular circadianed wife) couldn’t have been much better.

The only itouch vs. Kindle article I found said:

  • The iPhone Kindle application supports only books, not periodicals- To which I respond, have you heard of Instapaper?
  • But you can’t browse the Amazon bookstore? There is an Amazon Store app now, but when I’m looking at online bookstores, I’m not in the same mindset as a real bookstore. I pretty much know what I want, that’s why I go to the website in the first place.

In summation, darkness is the thing.

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