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Before David Sedaris spoke at Strathmore I thought about the type of people going.  That wasn’t a good path.  Instead as he started, I remembered only his timing.

His voice volted me back to a few summers ago when my wife and  I were driving north and south on I-95 one summer with his audiobooks the thin sanity to being stuck in the car going to Maine, North Carolina and everywhere in between, including any Sheetz if gas was quarter tank or lower.

And thankfully his anti-moral fables book tour was last year.  This year was back to nonfiction.  He read a story about his dad and swimming, a story that told this side of his dad that I hadn’t read before. It was a classic father-son athletic story, with classic Sedaris’ charm.

The other longform story was about China, and his distaste for their food.  He so despised Chinese food that Sedaris thought it best to go to China, so as he said, “to authentically hate it.”

Then he went on to read parts of his diary, sort of Sedaris quick hits.  I know he wasn’t bragging, but in a 2 week span his diary started in 4-5 different locations, from Paris to Italy to Missouri.  He’d later answer in a brief Q&A (which wasn’t all that great), that he writes in his diary daily, and those stories and ruminations evolve into the longer stories.

It seems like Sedaris has gotten into a great groove.  He says he loves the reading tours, and when he goes to the hotel that night he edits and rewrites parts of stories that lulled or weren’t as effective.  This sort of crowdsourcing seemed more like a band than a writer, but whatever works for him.  It was all darn good.

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