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Intern Morgan discovers a shocking secret.

Excuse Me?  Did you just say Book Bar?  In L.A.?  I didn’t know L.A. was so literary.

Is that kind of like D.C.’s KramerBooks or Busboys and Poets, you ask?

Well, in my opinion it should be.  However, as I recently discovered the hard way neither of these establishments allows alcohol in the book store.

So what exactly is going on in L.A.?  Dark, penumbral spaces dedicated to reading and drinking — at the same time.  Books + alcohol + bar = happiness.  Literally, it’s like being in a library where you can drink.  Books range from ancient leather-bounds to modern paperbacks, from law books to philosophy texts.

Personally, I believe that all bookstores should allow alcohol.  However, I would be satisfied to see just one Book Bar arise in D.C.

Check out the article Books & Bars: LA’s Thirst for Literature (and Style) for pictures and more information.

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