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Our stalwart editor Julie Wakeman-Linn will be living every writer’s dream.  She’ll be spending 18 months abroad in a house on the Indian Ocean, just to write.  As Julie said to me during her short visit to D.C. for AWP, “It’s my time to focus on my writing.”  Considering all the hard work and dedication Julie has put into reviving  and strengthening the Potomac Review, while also teaching, writing, and publishing her own work, she deserves this time to write.  Thank you Julie, and know that the Potomac Review is in good hands.

Celebrate Julie’s dedication to writing by submitting your own work to our Flash Fiction contest.  Send us up to two short stories (fewer than 1,000 words each) with a $20 reading fee.  The grand prize is $1,000.  Deadline March 1, 2011.  For more information on Flash Fiction, read our interview with Kirk Nesset, contest judge.  Click here for Submission Guidelines.

Zachary Benavidez

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