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Intern Morgan divulges Japan’s incipient literary innovation.

Ever heard of a Japanese Thumb Novel? Neither have I, until now.

The Japanese thumb novel, or keitai shosetsu, is a form of fiction delivered through a mobile phone page, by page.

Once considered trashy and for the inept, it has swept through the virtual airwaves and usurped many-a Top Ten List in Japan. Make way, text-sters, here comes mainstream popularity.

Imagine your favorite trashy novel (for me, The Southern Vampire Chronicles) in short story form, over your cell phone! The story becomes tangible, unfolding at the fingertips like a lotus blossom.

Another compelling aspect of this incipient media form is the interchangeable relationship between reader and author. The message delivery is almost immediate, creating the illusion that the receiver (reader) and sender (author) are intimate acquaintances.

It is time for books to get updated in the virtual Marketplace. Since the dawn of consciousness, people have always had the desire to tell their stories. The medium of conveyance has mutated from oral tradition, to written, to books-on-tape, to books-on-computer, now books-on-mobile phones. It is a natural progression when you examine the current social dependence on wireless technology.

Here are some sites to check out about this subject:

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