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Intern Jana comes up with some good ideas for the holidays.

Not sure what to buy for those hard-to-shop-for friends of yours? David Sedaris’ Holidays on Ice makes a great gift for anyone you know who loves to laugh . . . and is a little warped.

Holidays on Ice is a collection of holiday-themed excerpts from some of Sedaris’ previous (mostly autobiographical) publications. If you have read any of his books, like Naked or Me Talk Pretty One Day, you have probably read some of the stories before. They have a great re-read value, though, and their perspective on some of the more absurd aspects of

the season is as welcome as whiskey in the cocoa during what is often a stressful time. Like his other work, Holidays on Ice is brimming with Sedaris’ signature sarcastic, absurdly hilarious anecdotal pieces. Also present is Sedaris’ knack for compassion and self deprecation, which boosts his likability as a narrator.

Sedaris writes in astonishing detail about his tenure as a department store elf in the opening story. I think about it every time I see a Santa Clause set-up at a mall. He also shares a story about a not-so-traditional family Christmas debacle in “Dinah the Christmas Whore.” Another notable piece is a twisted riff on the family “newsletter” sometimes sent with greeting cards.

I wouldn’t recommend giving Holidays on Ice to anyone who doesn’t have a rather high tolerance for rude, caustic, slightly disturbed humor. That said, If you like reading about hilariously dysfunctional families (maybe you can relate?) and have an edgy sense of humor, you will likely find this and any book in Sedaris’ catalog a treat. A copy of Holidays on Ice could be just the ticket for the Bad Santa fan in your life.

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