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Here’s a belated Christmas post from Intern Holly.

1)      Friendships:  Sitting with the editors and fellow interns each week, we shared personal stories, our own writing, and encouragement for each of our dreams and goals.

2)      Lessons:   I’ve learned how a well written cover letter makes a person WANT to read the story.

3)      Glimpse:  As a writer I was afforded a glimpse into the inside workings of the elusive world I’ve been trying to enter from the outside.

4)      Computer skills:  Learning Google docs spreadsheets and how important good record keeping skills are.

5)      Pizza and Chinese:  Our favorite meeting time meals and the fight over the last slice or egg roll.

6)      Experience:  After reading piles of stories, I realized the warnings to have perfect beginnings and satisfying endings are more true than I imagined.

7)      Perspective: Though we have the love of words in common, our different perspectives work together to produce a better well-rounded literary magazine.

8)      Exposure: Volunteering at the F. Scott Fitzgerald Conference exposed me to so many local, successful writers that I realized my own dreams are possible.

9)      Empathy:  I’ve read submissions to PR where the writers have made the very same mistakes I’ve been guilty of in the past and I understand why good stories must sometimes be rejected.

10)   Fellowship: Nothing can compare with walking and talking with Alice McDermott on the way to her Master class I was then able to attend.

11)   Laughter:  Our weekly meetings were filled with laughter and this will be what I miss the most.

12)   Awe: The world of writing is diverse and multifaceted.  Constantly changing and growing.  The people and the craft itself are bountiful gifts I will always treasure.

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