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Ryan Mecklenburg is an Associate Editor for Potomac Review, currently living the literary retreat life at Breadloaf.  Not only has Breadloaf been spoofed by the Simpsons, but they also house for 10 days some of the best current and emerging writers.

Assistant Editor for the Potomac Review here at Breadloaf. Just got onto the campus after a one hour delay in my flight plans in Chicago. First thing to notice: a lot of yellow buildings. Already I’ve spotted Amy Hempel and Yosef Kumunyaakaa. This looks to be a good ten days. I’m on the prowl for some good fiction. Hopefully I find some. Haven’t had a meal yet, so don’t know much about the food. Took the tour around the campus and so far it looks like a nice retreat to get some writing done.

The first day of Breadloaf was a bustle of people talking and laughing. Michael Collier gave a nice welcoming speech to the “Breadloafers.” Afterward, Linda Gregerson read some poetry, then Jim Shepard really stole the show, reading half of a story he called, “Boy’s Town”, a fantastic piece about a late thirty-something man with PTSD. It was as funny as it was poignant. Very impressive work.

Couldn’t stay out on the first night because of a combination of jet lag, and the tortellini served for dinner kept sending me to the bathroom. Feeling good this morning. Today is the first day of workshops. They’ve arranged for all of the workshop classes to eat together and get acquainted before the workshops themselves. The weather is pleasant this morning, a little cool, but it promises to warm up.

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