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In case you ever need to say these hard-to-pronounce writers’ names; here’s a list of pronunciations.

Any article on poetry is a good article on poetry, I guess you can say. But this NPR essay and list of books to read could have been a little more contemporary, a little less selected/collected heavy, and one or two foriegn (Mahmoud Darwish’s new one translated by Fady Joudah comes to mind). Or maybe just not a whiteout?

O, how people can mangle words.

PR Friend Leslie’s take on AWP makes me wish we’d been there. She’s appalled that a long short story is now 25 pages, but yes, Potomac Review’s max pages for an accepted short story is 25 pages, rarely do we go over 20.

Steve Almond’s AWP included a sad cowboy poet, flirting with married people, and the inimitable Tod Goldberg.

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