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This is the new PR literary links Hump Day. It’s what we as editors, interns, and literary lovers are reading when we’re not reading submissions…

Check out NPR’s three-minute fiction contest, and have your story read on air!

Kurt Vonnegut, one of the greats, graphs drama with amusing results.

Margaret Atwood
in an interview at the tail end of her latest book tour: “Anyone who writes a book is an optimist. No matter what the content. The optimistic thing about this thing is: It’s a book. It hasn’t happened yet. Keep it inside those covers.”

NY Times article on Adam Bradley’s “Book of Rhymes.” Hip Hop and poetry, where they cross paths and where they completely miss each other.

This would have gotten me expelled from college. Is plagarism now legal?

More thoughts on plagarism—we’ve heard the saying that all stories have been told before…here’s an impressive essay example.

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