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As this series of tubes both increases and decreases the possibility of human interaction, we at the Potomac Review strive to stay within arm’s reach. Please don’t get closer than the elbow; some of us are truly omnivorous.

This electronic wonderweb may be even more accessible than your bookshelf stocked with back issues of the Potomac Review. If so, please correct this by taping a few issues to your face, thus staving off separation anxiety. (Tip: They make great pillows.)

In addition to taping books to your face (don’t forget to make eye holes through the stories you’re not too fond of), keep up with us on the web. Along with this hearty blog, there’s the main site ( and our facebook page ( can even submit online ( to save trees/stamps/time/headaches/calories.

Our goal is to be as convenient and open as possible. For us, a developed internet presence means more readers, more writers, and more writing, all without geographical constraints. That’s right, we’re in the U.S., Europe, and Africa; we’re in your offices, kitchens, and living rooms, and, for those of you who take your laptop to the bathroom, we’ll gladly follow you there. Just remember: arm’s length!

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