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We had 500 pages of poetry to be read, discussed, hashed over in two weeks when 30 inches of snow trapped the submissions in a closed campus office… wow…

Yes, this year’s poetry contest was a challenge but it was worth it –the poems were so wonderful. Some of our associate editors said it was the best poetry they had seen come through our doors. Our winning poem will be the first publication for Tory Adkisson. I believe the best virtue of contests is to free new voices from the slush pile.

Contests can surprisingly validate our aesthetic. Our second prize winner just happened to be from a poet whose work we already loved; Christina Poreba ‘s regular submission, “Rebuilding A House,” is forthcoming in Issue 47.

We want to thank our marvelous judge, Nancy Naomi Carlson (whose new book just came out), both for her fast action on the finalists and for her wonderful selections.

One last thing—your entry fees keep us safe from the budget wolves, preserving our print format and most importantly our undergraduate and graduate interns funding. Thanks for playing along. Look for the fiction contest in the fall.

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