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Over at The Coachella Review’s blog, they talk about the Diagram Prize, awarded to the year’s oddest titled book, and it’s highly enjoyable. Looking at previous winners, you can see how illustrious and ridiculous these titles are.

Some of my favorite throughout the years:

  • American Bottom Archaeology- American Bottom Archaeology: A Summary of the FAI-270 Project Contribution to the Culture History of the Mississippi River Valley
  • The Stray Shopping Carts of Eastern North America: A Guide to Field Identification- About how to identify stray shopping cars. (Note: I think this would be a great coffee table book.)
  • How to Avoid Huge Ships- Advice to pleasure boat sailors on the dangers of shipping lanes.

Also, check out the wiki page for descriptions of each books. I’m surprised how real these books are; as in, how ordinary I’m sure their subject matter/contents/innards would be.

High Concept/ Writing Prompt: Make all of these titles the titles of poems. Call the chapbook Diagram Prize. Not a bad concept, right (besides the copyright stuff)?

In other news, our poetry contest is nearly done; results should be in by early next week.

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