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Dear Friends of all types, but especially our Poet friends;

The snow mountains are not gone but at least our offices are unlocked and we are reunited with your contest submissions after a week of separation….

However, we’ve encountered a tricky snag.. We encouraged you to use the online system to submit but some of you clicked on Poetry,not CONTEST. We had checks and no poems… very strange…So today I had to find you and your poems in the huge mountain in the online system.

Not to worry…I found all the wayward Contest submissions… and I, the editor in chief, am not a poet, so your anonymity is preserved.

This interesting snag has, like the snow, slowed us down. We also seem to have poems and no checks. So if you submitted poems, but haven’t send your check, please do so immediately or we can’t consider your work for the contest.

Check back soon for all the latest news and we will as soon as possible Announce the Winner. Best,

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