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In this record-setting snoverkill, I’ve toyed with my fair share of snow poems. There’s a lot of white, snow on snow, snow on snow. What are your favorite winter poems?

And now Valentine’s Day is here, and Poetry Foundation also has poems to match whichever mood you currently have toward the holiday. I especially love “Credo,” and it’s last lines “…and her body is warm/with trust/which is a great beginning.” What are your favorite love poems?

Then, combining the two, what are your favorite winter poems about love? Or love poems set in winter/ with winter imagery? Are there many? I can’t seem to find many that I love…

Would you rather just read E.E. Cummings erotic poetry (which I’ll be reviewing for The Writer’s Center soon)?

Finally, this is all to say that our Poetry Contest was a smashing success, but Mother Blizzard and Father Snoverkill have pushed back our reading time needed to judge the contest. So bare with us, as we dethaw, so will the poetry contest submissions.

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