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We are in the final stages of Issue 47, so we’ve been slightly unavailable for blogging. But here are some articles we’ve been reading, in section we call “Marginalia”….

  • The Death of Fiction article his been discussed by far smarter people than me (in fact, good counter arguments can be found in the comments section by Matt Bell and Gina Frangello). Friend of PR Sarah Browning of Split this Rock even shows up in the second section of comments to mention the social and political themes that Split this Rock tackles.
  • PR Associate Editor Jessie Siegel is calling panelists for the Lit Artlantic Festival to be held at The Writer’s Center.
  • What is your writing worth? As a writer it’d be nice to be paid, but Potomac Review doesn’t have that type of cash money. As with the “Death of Fiction” article, some really smart people saying smart things in the comments section. A must-read if you’re an editor or a writer.
  • From that article, I found this run down of which genres pay, and since I’m a poet, I didn’t know a lot of these genres paid like they do. I may start to write some science fiction stories and romance fiction and maybe romantic sci-fi.
  • Lastly, everyone knows J.D. Salinger died, but do you know why he never wanted Catcher in the Rye to become a film? Did you know his New Yorker short stories are available online (if you have a digital subscription)?
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