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How to turn an editor into a Grinch….
1. Address your cover letter to the previous (6 issues ago) editor….
2. Let your spam blocker get in the way of communication with current editor…
3. If you give us an email address, realize we will use it. We will also anticipate you check said address.

Email is the way of the world, be ready for it. Set your spam blocker to accept any lit mags you have submitted to. Given simultaneous submissions, we at the Potomac Review need to know right away if your poem/story/essay is still available, so we use email.

We are racing against the semester break clock; we try to assemble the issue in between semesters. Thus we email if you give us an email address, even if you snail mailed your submission.

There nothing like a good rant, to get the bad out of our system. Be cooperative authors.

It snowed 23 inches in Maryland this weekend. Still enough to build a fleet of snowman.

Happy Holidays!

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