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Here at Potomac Review, we’ve been hunkering down for winter’s long haul. If acorns were submissions, we’ve foraged enough great pieces to last us through winter, spring, and probably most of summer. The great work keeps coming in, and we read every word of it.

Last week, our editorial staff was MIA, but with good excuse. Fearless Editor-in-Chief had bronchitis, and I was at the great UCR Palm Desert MFA low-res program all last week. I’ll give the experience its own post later in the week, as jet lag lags on, thanks to a low fog on Sunday night that diverted our airplane from the metro accessible National Airport to Dulles (and a special thanks to ill-prepared Washington Flyer Taxi cabs, which seemed to have to wake up every cabbie on staff).
Anyways, here are a few odd and ends. The Writer magazine gives our Poetry Contest special billing under Writer Events on p.52 of the January 2010 issue. That’s nice of them. That reminds me, if you’re a poet who likes to win $1,000 grand, you should look into our poetry contest (link to the right).
Lastly, I was on a panel last week with Matt Bell, from the new online lit mag The Collagist, and he just published a friend of PR, Dave Housley, and his great essay on dive bars (with special shout-outs to DC area Dan’s Cafe and Dietle’s). It’s a good read.
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