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Once in a while we’re going to link to some of PR staff’s favorite articles and websites or something that wasn’t blog-worthy on its own, these are tidbits left to the side, hence the name Marginalia….

Comprehensive list of books turned into Movies. You always hear about how most movies come from books, and here is a comprehensive website of all the upcoming and 2009 movies that were made from books (the surprise for me? Hotel for Dogs.)

Phoebe’s Poetry Instigator website. The poetry people at George Mason’s lit journal Phoebe have set up a blog, wherein each week they set up a prompt and then people can post their poems in the forum section.

More writing prompts! A list of interesting prompts to get you into a different mindset for your writing. This is geared more toward fiction writers.

Potomac, Illinois. It used to be if you googled “Potomac Review” are websites would immediately pop up. Not the case anymore, now Potomac, IL with it’s huge google map is hogging the top spot. We are taking suggestions on how to knock Potomac, IL off the #1 google entry.

Writer’s Center interviews PR. I’m a little long-winded, but I hit all my marks and have moments of clarity.

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