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Every season Potomac Review receives a new batch of great interns, and this Fall was no exception. PR Intern Melissa Zetts is showing her artwork at Chloe’s Coffee in Gaithersburg. She hung it on the walls this weekend so it’s up as I type this and as you read it (unless you’re reading it in very distant future), and there will be a reception at Chloe’s open to the public this Friday from 5-7pm for her work.

You can see her artist’s statement (scroll to the bottom), but I’ll excerpt my favorite part:
“Larry Rivers said, ‘You don’t just move into the future, you drag a past.’ This is a principal focus. By regarding the common man and the candidness of his interaction with himself and others, much can be discovered. I have paid close attention to the gesture of hands, the inclination of a voice, the way arms bend, the coldness of a face, and the moisture in someone’s eyes. I am changed by these moments, left different by the exchange that has taken place between us during a sitting.”

Join Melissa and the rest of PR staff this Friday for the reception.

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