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So here I sit – watching the counter on the Online Submission Manager. Wow –we are one click away from 1,000 submissions. (Update: Congrats to Susan Tepper for being the 1,000 submitter.)


Wow on so many levels. First, that there are so many wonderful stories and poems hovering and waiting for us. Second, we have almost managed to keep up with the flood. That’s a miracle due to the hard work of our associate editors. Bless them every one.

Third, trees love us. Four, it frees my interns to do more interesting tasks than mind-numbing data entry. Fifth, we have had some dandy screw-ups over… never mind that the college server ate the portal for a week in September.

Now we need to name the beast… OSM doesn’t cut it. Send us your suggestion in our comment box so I’ll stop calling it the Beast.

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