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When I has having lunch with Associate editor Edythe Wise, she described her delight at finding one of her picks in Issue #46:

As one of the reviewers of the story “Kicking,” I was delighted to find it in Issue 46. I’m not sure whether I marked it with a “yes” or a “maybe” but remember thinking it rich in character development, emotion, and subtle humor. I liked the way it evolved in scenes of escalating conflict until it reached a climax, the way it used significant detail in setting those scenes, and the way it avoided a pat ending. These are qualities I believe good fiction should have.

I realize there are stories that don’t have the qualities I prize because their writers are experimenting with new forms. Unless such stories are strikingly effective, I usually don’t choose them. Some other associate editors, however, are on the lookout for experimental fiction and will select ones that I wouldn’t. That way, we achieve balance in our judgments.

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