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I hate to bury the lead (go to our poetry reading tonight!), but we wanted to announce our Pushcart Nominations before we were swept up in Issue 47, Thanksgiving, Holiday Season, sledding, leftovers from Thanksgiving, etc…

From Issue 46, we are nominating:

  • Breastfeeding the Six-Day-Old at Six A.M. by Ramola D (poetry)
  • Vertebrae of Viticulture by Amy Holman (poetry)
  • What He Told Me by Myfanwy Collins (fiction)

From Isssue 45:

  • A Completely New Life by Richard Fellinger (fiction)
  • Tea Time by Alison Leigh Brown (fiction)
  • Identical by Chris Gavaler (fiction)

Also, there is an interesting list of which lit mags have the most fiction Pushcart mentions and awards at Perpetual Folly by Cliff Garstang, who we published in Issue 42. Although we’re not on the list, we’re pleasantly optimistic after our Notable Story in Best American Nonrequired (and Notable Essay in Best American Essays) this year.

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