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Earlier this week we had a small PR reading, and it was a nice jump-start to our PR-related readings (of which this is the first of three readings we’ll have this fall). We hosted three fiction writers that wrote great stories in our Spring Issue 45, recent Issue 46, and upcoming Issue 47. The reason behind three different contributors from three issues was we never really had a chance to correctly celebrate Issue 45 because of such a hectic Spring, so we decided to ask a few local writers from issues 45 or 46 if they were interested in coming to campus to read and talk about their creative writing process with some fledgling creative writing students. Thankfully Mary Katya Doroshenk answered the call and read her great piece “The Rules to Bingo” from Issue 45.

How’d we end up with a future contributor you may ask? Along with assisting in marketing and organizing of the F. Scott Fitzgerald Conference and helping the actual day run smooth, Potomac Review publishes the winning story from the F. Scott Fitzgerald Short Story Contest in our Spring Issue. Well, Jane Delury won the contest with her amazing story “The Carrier,” and we invited her to read and can’t wait to have her story in Issue 47. Jane read an excerpt from her novel based part of the time in France, which opened up a good conversation on writing about setting by memory and/or research.

Finally from our most recent issue (buy five copies right now!), Julee Newberger read “Thick of the Pack,” her fun and grand story set in a roller derby rink. I’ve read it so many times in the proofing stages that I was surprised when a student asked what sport it was. I’d forgotten she never explicitly says in neon red signs “THIS IS ROLLER DERBY,” and instead she opts for a more subtle and effective approach of using the roller derby lingo and description of the track and crowd.

All in all it was a great reading, and a thank you to all the readers. There is another reading planned for the Montgomery County Germantown Campus, where Poetry Editor Katherine Smith teaches, and this event will mainly be poets we’ve published in Issue 46. We’ve also planned a nice book launch reading at Chloe’s in Gaithersburg in early November, so stay tuned for that. Enjoy the weather, and remember “it’s friiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiday!”

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