Overdue congratulations are in order for Jane Hoogestraat’s new chapbook Harvesting All Night from Finishing Line Press, which was the winner of Finishing Line Press’ Open Chapbook Competition.

Jane was a contributor in Issue 42 and 45, and her poem “For Daniel, Leaving Yale” in Issue 45 garnered a mention in our NewPages.com review: “this was a successful and engaging strategy that turned the poem from merely an expression of sentimental personal longing into a well-shaped poem.” Jane’s book comes out December 4th but you can preorder now.

While over at Finishing Line Press, I also saw that Ned Balbo’s new book of poetry Something Must Happen will be out from them on October 2nd. Ned was a contributor in Issue 44 and was a great speaker two years back at the Conversations and Connections writer’s conference that we help run.