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The Online submission manager is back and functioning within normal parameters. We apologize for all the error messages and spam-like glitches. I want to thank those of you who let us know when it was misbehaving. I am delighted we are all saving paper but please remember to double check that Potomac Review is a good fit for your work before you click ‘submit.’

Thanks for reading this blog; our counter indicates there’s quite of few of you out there. We hope to keep giving you real inside info about what we like as well as tips about things that drive us crazy.

We are toying with the idea of sharing the decision process with you. What if — a “maybe’ submission was posted and we explained why it was a maybe and why it didn’t make the final selection? If you would be interested in this, post a comment for us.

So thanks for your patience with our technical difficulties. Our subscription renewal letters just went out – go ahead subscribe and help us stay ahead of budget cuts.

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