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Here at the Potomac Review, I love it when Managing Editor Will Grofic writes the editor’s note. Not only do I get out of writing it, but I laugh at his sense of whimsy and his prose is pretty darn lively. Check it out for yourself on The Smartish Pace website. Will has three reviews of poetry posted, Hummock of Malookas, The Little Box, and The Captain Lands in Paradise.

What impresses me is the variety of subject and style of these three books. Will highlights very different elements of the three; in Hummock of Malookas the subject at hand is the syntax and how it surprises the reader; in the Little Box, Will focuses on the poetry’s “post modern defragmentation” and its “jocularity;” finally Will challenges Sarah Manguso to use her skill for more complex journeys instead of dwelling on childhood memories.

All in all, an interesting diverse selection of poetry books. I must find more work for Will if he has time to spin such lovely prose.

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