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If you are not already reading Nathan Bransford’s blog, ( today is the day to start. Nathan, a literary agent with Curtis Brown, addresses all sorts of topics on his very helpful blog, including queries, how the agent world works, and even a discussion of what is everyone reading this week.

He also features guest bloggers who are particularly insightful. Today’s “The Unsung Villains of Writing” by Regina Milton is wonderful. The entry is an exercise in exorcism of the villains, both external and internal. Regina first focuses on the monsters who denigrate poor lonely writers, Those awful people who insist the writer go get a real job.

Then her blog spins her telescope back at the writer and lists the internal villains we all harbor. Villains like ‘complacency, doubt, fear. ” Read her blog on Nathan’s site here… ( for a good sardonic laugh at the naysayers and also for a boost to fight our own villains.

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