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Our readers and contributors should know that interns’ eyesight is tasked seriously by our editorial process. This says nothing of the many associate editors who read every single page, scouring for typos, grammatical errors, missing word syndrome, and other nefarious misprints that makes a good issue a mediocre one. We hope to regale you with dispatches from the comma wars that ensued…

The work is never done for the Potomac Review. It seems that we interns are always either proofing the submissions or checking on the sanity of our editor and chief (just kidding, she’s a perfectly sane person …mostly).

But seriously we proof the submissions all the time. It seems that every time we print out a new version we are checking it for mistakes, which is completely understandable. The submissions we’ve received are the best of the best and we want to make sure that they receive the glamour they deserve. We proof for every little detail. Headers, paragraph breaks, page numbers, stanza length. We check it all to get the piece to perfection.

Not only does the proofing help improve the piece but it helps us interns as writers. The proofing of these submissions has helped me catch a lot of mistakes in my own writing.

Interning for the Potomac Review is great. I’ve noticed it’s a big plus for people (like me) looking to go into the English/ writing field. Plus, I’ve got a bunch of fantastic people to help me with my own pages when I need a new pair of eyes.

John, Summer Intern/loyal peon

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