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We are happy to say that after a great Issue 45 this past spring, Issue 46 is in the works, Table of Contents and all is pass the developing stage and into the cementing stage, and InDesign is up and running. It’s always an exciting time to read the accepted pieces and see how they all fit in an issue, and the content is again (as always? yes) legit and of literary merit.

We’ll have more to come in the remaining days/weeks.

I, the Managing Editor, was on my own hiatus as I finished up my MFA at Bennington (shout out to all June ’09s!), but now we’re back on the interwebs and blogging.

We’ll have some associate editors coming up hopefully for guest bloggers, and as we get new interns they will of course be blogging their intern-y wisdom.

Thanks for your continued support of the PR.


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