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Today we continue our interns guest-blogging with Jarin Holiday. Our interns are integral to the PR running smoothly, and now they can impart some wisdom on us all. You can see our earlier intern post here.

When I joined the ranks of Professor Wakeman-Linn’s interns, I thought she only wanted me for my muscle. Writers need large muscles to set up chairs, move microphones and carry boxes of books. Much later, I discovered the true purpose behind hiring me. My kilt. I would have thought twice if I had known that my knees were going to be used to sell tickets for a writers conference. Only a truly proud intern would walk around downtown D.C. wearing a kilt and I endured cat calls and many stares for the glory of Conversations and Connections. To the amusement of the locals, I asked in a Scottish brogue, “Ach, do ya know which way it is to Edinburough?”

I have learned many things as an intern for The Potomac Review. It’s a great place to get free pizza, being one. Some of the greatest ideas and conversations are only summoned by the power of melted cheese on tomato sauce and bread. Marketing was another tool that I gained. It is important to understand the group you are marketing to and finding the best way to reach them. Selfishly, I sampled multiple coffee houses and quiet hang outs in order to advertise. In all seriousness, I have had a rewarded term as an intern for The Potomac Review. I have gained understanding of literature, publishing, editing and now, blogging.

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