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Today we have a guest blog by one of our interns David Westbrook-Fritts. Our interns are integral to the PR running smoothly, and now they can impart some wisdom on us all.

Interning for the last 2 semesters at the Potomac Review has brought me many experiences that I won’t soon forget: writer’s conferences and private readings, even a master class or two. But one of the most important things I have learned is what constitutes an acceptable cover letter.

All too often cover letters are either too short or too long. Sometimes they are missing critical information and sometimes they simply have far too much extra information. These are some of the simple but essential things I have found to be in well made cover letters.

1. Your personal information at the top of the letter. It seems like a no brainer, but so many submissions leave us crawling through the pages looking for addresses.

2. Somewhere in the body of the letter, include the title of your story or poem. Nothing aggravates me more than having to flip through pages of unusual syntax and font looking for anything resembling a title.

3. Place your email in an easy to see place on the front page. If you don’t have an email, get one. It’s easy and it’s free.

I hope this has been helpful to anyone looking to get published.

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