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Well, the Conversations and Connections Writer’s Conference that will be happening this weekend is sold out. Just a great response from them DC literary community, and we are more than excited for the panels, talks, and assorted festivities going on this Saturday. Right now, we have a lot to prep for the weekend, and then after that we have issue 45 out.

On an entirely different note, I’ve been reading a lot of poetry first books and can’t throw enough praise at the Kate Tuft’s Discovery Award. Terrance Hayes’ Muscular Music, Cate Marvin’s World’s Tallest Disaster, and Christian Hawkey’s The Book of Funnels all blew me away. The scope and sure hand that these poets had in their first poetry book is staggering.

Claremont University, who sponsors the award, just announced the 2009 award winner, Matthew Dickman’s The All-American Poem, which is en route to my doorstep as we speak. Dickman also won the May Sarton Prize for emerging young poets (as did Matthew Zapruder, who I quickly posted on last week). The New Yorker profiled Matthew and his brother twin brother Michael, who is also a poet.


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