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Last week we were delighted to launch this blog with news of Marilyn Kallet’s new book, Packing Light. We continue with more good news. Joan I. Siegel’s book Hyacinth for the Soul has just come out from Deerbrook Editons. “January Thaw” was in Issue #42.

Around the office we turn our attention to the beginnings of Issue #46. The online submission manager is up and running effectively. We are quietly reading and thinking and talking about your work.

Don’t forget –you have 11 more days to enter the Potomac Review Fiction contest. Go to the website for all the details.
Thanks for reading, thanks for submitting; thanks for subscribing. Best, Julie

Contests are a terrific way to support your favorite lit mags in these tough economic times and also a grand chance to break out of the slush pile. All your support is especially needed as the Dean, the editors and all the staff hold tough against budget cuts.

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